Building Your Wii Mod Chip Collection And Unleash The Fun In Your Nintendo!

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Nintendo games, most especially homebrew games and applications have already boomed in the gaming market. Because of this, a Wii mod chip became more and more in demand. So, why would one want a Wii mod chip installed in their Nintendo game? There are a few people who say that installing a mod chip can be dangerous most especially if you dont know what youre doing. Tell you what there are chips that can be easily installed, and it also comes with an instructions manual making it easier for you to understand?
What is a Wii mod chip anyway? This is one of the most popular ways on how one can play homebrewed games, create backup discs, change the console settings of your Nintendo Wii and even upgrade your games and even the application itself. Generally speaking, there are three major kinds of Wii chips and these are:

This is the easiest mod chip and the most basic chip to install. As a matter of fact, this is the origin of all the other mod chips. This will let you play, backup and import Gamecube games. However, cannot be upgraded which is the only negative thing about it. But if this is your first time to use a Wii mod chip, then most definitely you can play around with it and explore the functions of what it actually does.


Now, this particular product is upgradeable which will allow you to unleash all the powerful features f your Nintendo Wii. It allows you to install it wirelessly so there is no hassle in configuring the consoles. If you are an advanced user, you can definitely use this mod to upgrade and backup your games through rewritable DVDs.

In the market, this is the very first chip that has all the Epowerful options of upgrading the firmware, unleashing the other functions of your Nintendo, and of course backing up of important games through DVD-R discs. There had been rumors that it will be using its own operating system, although them manufacturer hasnt released it yet. Guess we have to hang on for more updates and more wonderful features of this Wii mod chip.

On the other hand, if you still play homebrew games, dont worry, you can still import it using this chip installed on your Wiis motherboard. Remember that if you are not familiar on how to do it, bring it to an expert and have them change the settings and let them import it for you.


This is the easiest chip to install compared to the other two mods. This can be done without having to touch any of the wires that can be found in the mother board, making it safer and giving smaller chances of human errors. The only thing that you have to do is to install this particular Wii mod chip to your Nintendos motherboard and just leave it there without touching any of the wires or other parts of the motherboard. Similar to the Wiikey, it can be upgradeable, although the manufacturer stressed out that upgrading is compulsory.
Knowing the different kinds of mod chips enables you to know the right one for your Nintendo. Remember to choose carefully and determine which one is the right for you.
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Building Your Wii Mod Chip Collection And Unleash The Fun In Your Nintendo!

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Building Your Wii Mod Chip Collection And Unleash The Fun In Your Nintendo!

This article was published on 2010/10/30