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In the past year, China LED Extension, Chip Rapid growth in the number of firms, foreign chip companies to accelerate into the Chinese market, China's LED chip business capacity expansion, LED chip industry is entering's crowded Warring States Period. In this case, how to develop their own core technology, how to market based, the rise of the Chinese LED chip industry challenge.

Technology: production indicators to move closer to international standards

My sapphire white LED has a great breakthrough in optical efficiency has reached 90 ~ 100lm / W.

With independent property rights of silicon substrate technology white LED has already reached 90 ~ 96lm / W.

Zhou Li: In the national macro-policy guidance, domestic sapphire white LED technology not only a great breakthrough, more importantly, stick to our own development path, with the independent intellectual property rights of silicon substrates white LED technology, creating a sapphire substrate with the traditional LED technology similar to keep pace with the new situation. It is in this environment, our LED chip manufacturing are people greeted their temporary new world, our country the development of LED chip industry in depth. Our technology continues to mature, the expanding scale, the traditional Chinese-made models to create models to the Chinese quietly changing the momentum of rapid development, which could not have drawn worldwide attention.

Jiang Zhongyong: for now, China is not a small gap between chip power, compared with foreign-based chips have a gap. Too few enterprises in technological breakthroughs, particularly in the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the work done by too few, the future should be a breakthrough in this regard. In general, LED industry or some impetuous, the research base is not enough.

Zhengtie Min: Although the Chinese LED chip industry than the United States, Japan and Germany late start number, skill levels have a considerable gap, but with the high domestic demand growth, increased R & D investment, especially in high-level overseas introduction of talent in the past year China's rapid technological advances, such as wave Huaguang 10 23mil of blue chips, packaged into white light, the luminous efficiency has been achieved 110lm / W or more power-type WB red light effect chip also reached 50lm / W, is the international standard approach vector production.

Kang Jian: China's LED industry is indeed very quickly, not only scale up the development of production, technological breakthroughs in a number of bottlenecks similar to reliability, brightness and other indicators continue to refresh. Technically speaking, and approaching the world has reached the target of several well-known manufacturers. But regardless of sapphire substrate 90lm / W ~ 100lm / W, or the silicon substrate 90lm / W ~ 96lm / W, are not fully extract the efficiency of LED light, so this race is far from over.

Three security: the technical level, the domestic chip industry has really reached 90lm / W ~ 100lm / W R & D level. But mass production of these products can have a minority of enterprises, technology is not the only key to deciding the success or failure of enterprises to win in the fierce competition, the most important to look at its production yield, quality and cost control the competitiveness.

In the realization of 100lm / W target, the Chinese LED chip companies now face the question of how the development of industrialization, large-scale, maximum benefit. Sapphire outside the mainstream route is to develop are also faced with the same problem.

Market: focus on the future changes in demand

LED chips overseas enterprises have entered the Chinese LED industry, attracted worldwide attention.

LED chip business expansion in China, be concerned about the future changes in market demand.

Zhou Li: China's PV market by the trade center to the industry over the past processing, transfer of high-tech applications.
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China Led Chip Maker Swordfight "china Chip"-led, Optoelectronic, Cold Cathode Fluorescent

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China Led Chip Maker Swordfight "china Chip"-led, Optoelectronic, Cold Cathode Fluorescent

This article was published on 2010/12/24