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digital set-top box industry chain as the most upstream part of the chip business to bear stare of the value chain leading??? operators, to determine their current R & D focus and direction of future technologies.

A Chinese radio TV Operators have concluded a few years ago the industry to do is analog TV digital, two years of doing two-way digital services, while the next few years to do interactive business scale. This statement summarizes the current operators in the center of the work proposed for chip technology to promote business focus. Therefore, in this year's CCBN exhibition period, the chip company introduced the theme of two-way interaction, at the same time seven technology update:

First integrated rich interface chip is also the basic conditions for return. Including Ethernet, USB and the cable modem is the interface for the Chinese market. However, only a few enterprises of these ports are integrated into a single chip.

Second, chip processing speed. To run a variety of interactive services, the main chip set-top box processing power is becoming increasingly important. HD set-top boxes currently processing speed of up to 800MIPS ~ 1000MIPS.

Third, the operating system to Linux conversion. Previously, many chip companies are developing their own proprietary embedded operating system, but these proprietary systems ability to support interactive services is relatively weak. Therefore, some chip companies are converting to the Linux platform.

Fourth chips will be chip platform is the underlying business drivers and the upper application layer software to do more clearly defined, so that customers can keep adding new applications.

5 is support for Java technology. Since online games are promising, some enterprises will have migrated to Java virtual machine chip platform. Of course, if they can solve complex business problems, develop value-added services for our customers greater convenience.

6 is support for interoperability standards. Chip companies are considering supporting a similar all DLNA interoperability standards.

7 is support for multiple decoding formats, to support a variety of channels from content sources.

From the above point of view, not a chip company in the industry will do its best products, so we still much work to be done.

ST Greater China digital consumer electronics and encryption products division marketing manager Qiu Jinde

To provide a full range of interactive services platform

A sense, Chinese operators in the value-added Service The innovation has to be advanced than the foreign. Therefore, the rapid growth of the market confidence.

STMicroelectronics (ST) for the interactive digital TV market from MPEG2 SD to H.264 HD's full range of products. The latest product is the STi5197, STi5205 and STi7105. Their capacity is high, you can run all the software.

The PC, consumer and communications products is a home network to connect the concept, ST has recognized the importance of the market, our STi7105 can be applied to home network media server. We also have for the wired, wireless, EoC (Ethernet signal transmitted through the coaxial cable) application development into new products being produced. We identified a common software API, support for customer cable, IP, satellite and terrestrial digital TV, development of products in different markets.

Machine in one respect, the market is driven by two main forces. On the one hand, all countries have developed their own standards, mandatory or optional in the local implementation. Those who have long been converted to digital television broadcasting countries, when their market is ripe for one machine on the strong demand there. On the other hand due to globalization, the ongoing global market integration of multimedia content. Market demand for large-scale digital signal chip solutions to enable the price of the program with those analog functions closer. Thus, in addition to tuner and a small portion of the software stack, the TV platform has become a common platform. And this platform has more connections, because TV is no longer a closed system, it has a richer, more friendly and more intelligent user interface. ST in the acquisition of Genesis, after the company launched a new product has the following features: a more open software stack, green energy, connectivity, stronger, better quality, interfaces, more (including 3D support), at the same time, application also more abundant.

Us from the outset to become a member of AVS is the first to announce and production support H.264/MPEG2/VC1/AVS vendors. We support the AVS (Audio Video Coding Standard in China own) approach to support the development of other Chinese independent standards. We can serve as partners, technology providers, IP licensors to support China's own standards, and commercial and technical cooperation with partners to achieve win-win objective.
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Chip Giant, Two

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This article was published on 2010/10/12