How to Improve Your Golf Chip Shot

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Many golfers have the problem of being able to get the ball 400 yards, from the tee to beside the green, in relatively few shots, only to waste vital strokes by mis-hitting their chip shots. Follow these chipping tips and start knocking them close!

Chip shots are short shots that get the ball out of the air and onto the ground as quickly as possible. (Ping G15 Hybrid) You would normally play a chip shot with an 8 or 9 iron.

The chip is different from the full swing and for this reason your hand placement will need to change.

The first thing to do at set up is to move the majority of your weight (approx.70-30) onto the left foot. The ball is played towards the back of the stance, and the hands go ahead of the ball.

The chip shot can now be played with the correct downward strike. You should NOT be trying to slide the clubface under the ball, (Ping Rapture Fairway Wood) or scoop the ball into the air.

If you set up correctly using the instructions above all you have to do to hit a great chip shot is to rock your shoulders back and forth. Your wrists and arms should remain firm throughout the entire shot.

Keeping your wrists firm is essential, as this is the number one reason for a golfer to hit a poor chip shot. Set your hands ahead of it and then simply concentrate on getting the grip and shaft past the line before the clubhead when you strike the ball. Try the drill below, (Nike Victory Red Tour Driver ) you will be surprised with your chopping after insistent practice.

At address imagine there is a straight line up from the ball.

Grip a club well down the shaft and play a practice chip.

You're breaking your wrists if the handle strikes you.

The handle of the club will stay well away from you if your wrist action is correct.

This correct action can be grooved in practice if you use a training aid that extends the golf club handle so that if you use a correct chipping technique the extended handle won't hit your body.

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How to Improve Your Golf Chip Shot

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This article was published on 2010/12/22