LED chip patent case of bottlenecks in local enterprises have collapsed - china 12PSB Test Bench

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LED chip patent case of bottlenecks in local enterprises have collapsed

Published :2010-1-28 10:43:54

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LED industry is semiconductor-related high-tech industries. Looking at today's high-tech industries, especially semiconductor-related high-tech industries, such as integrated circuits, communications, laser, etc., at the upper reaches of the chip is often the key to the whole industry. This key role not just in the upstream chip performance and price determine the performance and the middle and lower product prices, is also reflected in the chip suppliers often control the entire industry, patents and standards. Performance LED lighting chips largely determines the performance of the product.

LED industry chain, including upstream of the main technical substrate design, wafer production, the final formation of chips. According to different requirements on the luminous efficiency can be divided into high-power chips and low-power chips. In the application, the main low-power chips used in mobile phone, laptops and TV instructions on luminescence efficiency requirements are not very high field, high-power chip was mainly used in the current market outlook for the better street lighting.

LED lights into mainstream applications

Lighting is a very special lighting, not only to solve its uniformity, but also to solve the problem of its brightness. Street lamps with light with certain requirements, which cover an area large enough, the light can be stretched to the left and right direction. If the distribution of light below standard, will result in the following is a bright street light, street lamps and street lamps are dark between, the body is like a zebra pattern, it has been described LED lamps are 'crossing'. If the chip can not achieve 100lm light effect / W or more, the stability and reliability of the chip itself is not good, even if the heat better, optical design and then fine, difficult to meet lighting requirements. Therefore, low-power chip LED lamp is not only far below the energy-saving effect, but among the manufacturers of products can not be universal, therefore, high-power integrated chips will be the mainstream of LED street light. Chip integration of high-power chips - small chip high-brightness LED packaging technology for IC packaging in aluminum board, reducing the heat transfer path, made of better heat dissipation high power LED chips.

Increase market dawn of the chip business

LED industry, research institutions LEDinside latest report released today, closing in August 2009, existing LED chip production in China reached 62 companies, showed rapid increases in recent years, momentum. In 1999 China began the rapid development of LED chip companies beginning of 98 years, only three related companies in China, an increase of 99, 6, and from 99 to 2009 2-7 months every year, enterprises to enter the LED chip industry .

Revenue from the domestic market, last year's domestic sales of LED chips is 65,000,000 yuan, which greatly exceeds the 10,000,000 yuan in 2003. LED Applications in 2008 revenue (RMB450 million), the account for the largest part of the package, and chip manufacturing, were 18.5 billion yuan and 19 billion yuan. Demand in the downstream applications under the stimulus is expected, many companies began to expand production, the three safety photoelectric MOCVD equipment this year, the expansion of 18 units to 33 units. In addition, some small chips in the field of technology is relatively mature companies, also began to prepare a project launched high-power chip. Domestic high-power LED chips is growing fast and light effects. In 2005, the use of imported chip package, China's best white LED light at 350mA current, efficiency reached 30? 35lm / W, while the use of domestic chip package but only 20-25lm / W. Now, the LED chip packaging has been made achieved under the 350mA current optical efficiency for the 80? 90lm / W.

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LED chip patent case of bottlenecks in local enterprises have collapsed - china 12PSB Test Bench

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LED chip patent case of bottlenecks in local enterprises have collapsed - china 12PSB Test Bench

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