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Knowing how to chip the ball well is an important part of golf, but is often overlooked when it comes to learning how to play. No matter how good the rest of your golf game is the inability to chip the ball well will almost always have a negative impact on your overall game.

Chipping for some golf players can be a nightmare, especially when you've put in so much hard work getting the ball near the green. And wasting your chip shot is the last thing you want to do when your so close to the hole.

Here are 4 Golf Chipping Tips that will help you get on the right track to improving your golf chip:

1. Hand Position

It is important when chipping to position your hands in front of the ball. Most bad chip shots occur when players allow the clubhead to overtake their hands, resulting in an unwanted upwards strike. One of the keys to a good chip is solid impact through the ball.

2. Ball Position

Unlike most golf shots the ball should be played towards the back of the stance. Doing this will create a slight downward stroke on the ball and applying this method with the correct hand position should result in better more consistent chip shots.

3. Weight Distribution

When setting up to hit your chip shot your weight should be distributed towards your front foot. Roughly 70% on the front foot and 30% on the back foot. With the correct hand position, ball position and weight distribution you should see significant improvement in your chip shots.

4. Correct Choice Of Club

Even with the correct setup, club choice is vital and shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to hitting your chip shot. The key thing to remember is to try and roll the ball along the green and spend as little time as possible in the air.
With that in mind it is important to know the air time to ground time ratios of each of the different clubs in your golf bag, and how to use them correctly to get your chipping distance correct.

For instance a chip shot with a pitching wedge will spend around half of its distance in the air and the other half rolling on the green.

An 8 iron will spend a third of its distance in the air and 2 thirds of its distance rolling on the green.

And a 6 iron will spend about a quarter of its distance in the air and 3 quarters of its distance rolling on the green.

It is important to also take in to account the level and speed of the green but with the right amount of time and practice these golf tips should help improve your golf chip and hopefully lower your golf score.

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Top 4 Golf Chipping Tips

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This article was published on 2011/08/30