Top Led Chip Factory In China And Competition Pattern Of Sales

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Recent years, China LED Chip Rapid development. At present, China White LED sapphire substrates have great breakthrough, there are reports that the light effect has reached 90lm/W-100lm/W. Meanwhile, with independent property rights of silicon substrate technology white LED has also been reached 90lm/W-96lm/W. Chinese LED chip industry is accelerating. At the same time, overseas chipset vendors enter the Chinese market is accelerating, Career (Cree) factory in Huizhou, building chips, Xuming LED chips in the building of factories in Guangdong Province and so on, all we feel that the LED chips industry in the future Mountain Rain For come from Wind in the competitive situation.

Insufficient supply of domestic chip Since late last year, the international LED chip manufacturers to accelerate the pace of our investment in the layout. Career, Xuming accelerated access for our LED chip industry experienced an unprecedented sense of urgency and competitive pressures. Suzhou Nanocrystalline photovoltaic chairman, Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nano researcher Dr. Liang Bingwen believe that the international LED manufacturers set up factories in China, is sooner or later, is a matter of time. Chinese market and their relatively low intelligence, it will gradually mature technology products to get the Chinese to do. Coupled with weak competitiveness of China's chip companies, while Chinese demand for chips has particularly large, these companies into China is like, "into no man's land." From another perspective, these companies also marks the entry of LED chip technology has begun to mature. Of course, competition is also coming days waiting for us. "Future development, or to speak to power, such power include, team, corporate culture and systems, core technology and intellectual property rights, brands, marketing channels and funds." Liangbing Wen said.

International manufacturers to enter the competition for talent is even more inevitable, crystal energy photovoltaic (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. Min, executive vice president of the view that large-scale overseas manufacturers enter the LED chip, the short term, some industry professionals will be more intense But in the long run should be LED industry in China will play an active role in personnel training.

Nam Cheong Deputy General Manager Yan Lei, Zhou Li Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. that, due to the particularity of LED industry, organizations are faced with high-tech, high investment, high risk of pressure and challenges, especially in the core technology of the master talent, technology introduction, financing and capital operation, the modern enterprise management, team building, there are many practical difficulties, no one wants to become bigger and stronger their own business, but the reality is not involved in LED industry, each enterprise can be smooth to address the issue. Therefore, learn advanced foreign technology and experience, especially the practice of well-known companies, which each enterprise is undoubtedly a great help. Zhou Li said, speaking from the national level, China's LED industry is in blossom flowers Zhengyan accelerate the critical period of development for this feature, the country should strengthen macro guidance to provinces and municipalities in developing local economy while improve scientific planning, orderly development, avoid hot rush forward, repeated investment, redundant construction, repeating the waste of funds, waste of manpower and material resources in the past. At the same time changing ideas, changing concepts, scientific development, both the division of labor there Cooperation Should be the LED industry consensus and model this in mind the company according to their own specialty, coordinating the division of labor, scientific planning and management, and orderly competition, to go meet the self-development path, and then to jointly promote the LED chip manufacturing industry bigger and stronger. Take the road of independent development

The domestic front, Xiamen security, Dalian Road and Ming expansion of domestic LED chip companies are building new plants, while the new LED chip is also increasing the number of firms, some people believe that China LED chip is entering the Warring States Period This, Yan Lei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd Nanchang, deputy general manager Zhou Li does not agree.

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Top Led Chip Factory In China And Competition Pattern Of Sales

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This article was published on 2010/09/30